Signature Experiences

Delivering exceptional experiences you won’t soon forget is the common element across our portfolio of resorts. We believe the key ingredient of an unforgettable vacation is seeing the place through the eyes of a local.


Signature Experiences

Enchantment Resort

Red Rock Photography

From Boynton Canyon to the iconic Kachina Woman rock formation, guests are guided to several stunning vistas. Under the guidance of an expert photographer, they learn techniques to take better landscape and nature photos.

Mountain Bike Night Ride

With a Trail House adventure guide, bikers will experience Sedona’s single-track under the starry night sky for an unforgettable night ride. As elevation is gained, they have an opportunity to observe the Milky Way above, catch a glimpse of a shooting star or perhaps ride by the light of the full moon.


Signature Experiences

The Cove Eleuthera

Seahorse Snorkel Tour

In January 2023, the Bahamas National Trust created Seahorse National Park that envelops Sweetings Pond, a landlocked lagoon connected invisibly to the ocean. It is known for the densest population of seahorses in the world; these seahorses – hippocampus erectu – are found here in numbers never discovered elsewhere. With an experience guide from The Cove, guests snorkel to view these camouflaged sea creatures and learn how this fragile aquatic habitat will be protected by environmental preservation efforts.

Explore Eleuthera

Just one mile wide and 100 miles long, Eleuthera is a tranquil Bahamian island with an abundance of natural wonders. On this tour, guests uncover the hidden gems, such as the Sapphire Blue Hole, Queen’s Bath, Preacher’s Cave and the Glass Window Bridge, which showcases the contrast between the navy-blue water of the Atlantic with the brilliant turquoise waters of the Bight of Eleuthera.

Signature Experiences

Mii amo

Spirit of the Full Moon

The full moon is a meaningful time to clear your emotional and spiritual slate by releasing what no longer serves you. At Mii amo, this ceremony begins with the act of writing down what you want to let go of and burning it, providing a metaphorical and visceral release. A full body massage using sage oil that has been infused with the light of the full moon supports you in your journey. This exclusive experience is only offered on the two days around the Full Moon.

Energy Clearing

In Energy Clearing, guests are guided to let go of what no longer serves you. Whether it be guilt, emotional tension, grief, grudges, or old beliefs, the Mii amo practitioner invites the guest to say what they long for in life. Through conversation, ritual, clearing of the auric field and energy clearing bodywork, the therapist helps release the old and invite the new.

Signature Experiences

The Tides Inn

Chesapeake Gold

Guided by the Tides Inn ecologist, Chesapeake Gold teaches guests why oysters are the keystone species of the Chesapeake Bay. Boarding a traditional watermen’s boat, they visit an oyster farm, pull up oyster cages, investigate and sort the catch. Upon returning to the shore, the ecologist demonstrates how to “grade” oysters and then on the beach, grills oysters for everyone’s enjoyment. 


The Tides Inn horticulturist duels as the resident beekeeper, and he guides guests along the Forest Trail, discussing native plant species along the way, such as the loblolly pine. The trail opens to the Tides Inn Farm and Bee Meadow, where he gives guests a brief introduction on the most vital pollinators, the European honeybee. Learn about the extraordinary infrastructure of a beehive when glancing inside an apiary and discover what flowers and plants in our Farm are best for attracting pollinators.

Signature Experiences

Twin Farms

Pasta Making

At the newly renovated Twiggs restaurant, guests receive a hands-on lesson in making fresh pasta. In the kitchen, the culinary team teaches how to mix and roll the dough, cut the shapes and cook. Paired with wine from the sommelier, the class culminates in the best part – eating the pasta.


Sandwiches at the summit or petits fours by the pond? Canapés under a canopy of trees? Picnics take on a whole new level at Twin Farms, as the resort delivers a moveable feast just before guests arrive. In cooler months, they can choose from four sites, including the cozy Lift Shack, and in warmer months, 11 sites are available – from waterfront to mountaintop.